About the Author

About The Author

Books and words have always been a significant part of my life. Saying this, I will admit that I did not read much as a child, though books were available and my father was always reading, and I have never read for pleasure or relaxation. Beginning in my teens, I discovered books for myself, and they took on an aura of a mysterious source for discovery. Books opened new ideas, possibilities, and ways of thinking. This alure continues today.

Words were also significant in my childhood. My father loved studying words, their sources and nuances, and word games and riddles. Like, “How do you get down off an elephant.”

In college I took an industrial arts course. The professor was passionate about book arts, and I caught this bug: Amazement with paper making, bookbinding and printing, and how these result in something worth so much more than the sum of its parts.

Elizabeth, also shared a love of books, though from somewhat different perspectives, yet together we began collecting rare books which evolved into selling them and founding By The Way Books. Elizabeth and I also shared a deep interest in philosophy and spiritual traditions, which became the subject focus of By The Way Books.

Beyond short lived random thoughts, I never seriously thought about writing. However, in the summer of 2022, after a fairly in-depth study of nondual spiritual traditions, I began having many thoughts relating these ideas to others I have studied and felt, “I have to write these thoughts down to get them out of my head.” So, writing began and an inclination to share what I write evolved.

I doubt that I want to “be a writer” and I make no claim to great thoughts or fine writing. It feels that writing is part of a process of investigation and discovery. And I feel open to share; maybe some conversations will develop.

(The banner image: Detroit from the beach at Belle Isle park. My childhood home was a half-mile north of the river near the right edge of the image. Belle Isle was almost a second home. Many hours were spent on the beach and swimming there. Yes, we swam and played in the Detroit River.)

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