All Alone Together

All alone & alone together.

What is nothing.
Too much.
Write what is quiet.
Too loud.
What is now.
Too late.
What is thought.
Too wrong.
Nothing quiet now thought, too…

Silence reigns over quantity.
Peace slips toward tension
Knowing all will be lost.
It is for the Best.

The Best is not to be written.
So strum some mundane ditties
Pretend the game is to be won,
Lose at all cost
Knowing one game.

The only game in town,
Around town,
Across town,
Throughout the land,
To the moon.
Marbles sound like fun.
Call it what you will.

Whatever it is called,
Forget it.
Names are for the dead.
Living is anonymous,
Naming is tyrannical.
Leave it all alone.

Yes, that’s how it is.
All alone.

* * *

Robin beaks a string;
I grab thoughts for nourishment,
Impoverished both.

Together alone
Entangles are particled
Presencing being.

Where three or more are …
Recognized beggars partake.
Conditions provide.

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